The true key is something that you should have on your PCs if you wish to reduce the hassle of remembering complex passwords. In other words, we can say that it is a simpler way to your digital world. To access the true key all you have to do is download the true key and log in to it. The login feature is quite unique and involves special unlocking features such as facial recognition, fingerprint, and two-factor authentication.

On PCs and Macs, this comes as a browser extension and on iOS and Android devices you can download the “True Key” application. People consider using it because it works silently in the background and makes your current password stronger than before. Not only it reduces the hassle of remembering complex passwords but also logs you in instantly whenever you try to log in to any account over the Internet. Before getting to know about this, you have to install the McAfee Antivirus via

Significance of installing a True Key

It is the need of the hour to secure your digital wallets and accounts logins and you can easily do it by using McAfee true key. Here are some reasons why you should have it on your smart device:

  • Access accounts on the go- After getting started with the true key, you have to do the one-time login to your account and you are ready to go. Once you are done, you do not have to login again and again. Simply, go to the site you want to access and the true key fill in your details automatically.
  • Create strong and unique passwords- with McAfee true key you can attach safety to all your online accounts with a unique strong password. Its “Generator” feature allows you to set the criteria for the passwords you have created.
  • Instant logins- if you are using its app on your mobile phone, then you can quickly access your logins without doing much.
  • Wallet-management made easy- if you are someone who makes online transactions on a larger platform, then you must have it on your device. This is so because you can easily add your credit cards to your account and it also allows auto-syncing between different devices.

Why should you use the True key?

Many people think why they should use a true key if there are other password managing apps available in the market and some may think that is it safe to use or not. The answer to this question is quite simple because the app/extension uses the AES-256 encryption and hence we can consider it highly safe and secure. We should use it because this encryption is considered as one of the most secure encryption algorithms available. There is a master password for signing in to different accounts.

McAfee users are suggested to visit Official Website if they wish to download and install the true key to their compatible devices. Hence, if your device is still not having any password encryption installed on it, then you should deploy McAfee True key on it immediately.

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